100 VIEWS OF THE HAMPTONS: Photographs by Ken Robbins
Forget what you’ve heard. The Hamptons are NOT a state of mind. The two townships at the eastern end of Long Island, New York – with their villages and hamlets – comprise a decidedly physical place of dunes and fields, wetlands and shorelines, ocean, bays and inlets. The air is fine and clean; the light is magnificent. The estates and McMansions, the pricey boutiques, condo’s and the clubs – ubiquitous as they have become – are beside the point. The beauty of the place was here first, and (more remarkably) it endures.

This book of 100 highly evocative digital images, like the Japanese ukiyo-e woodcut albums that inspired its title, offers landscapes, seascapes, bayscapes, and even townscapes of a floating world of natural pleasures.

Ken Robbins has been living and photographing in East Hampton for nearly thirty-five years. A former book editor, he is the author and illustrator of more than two dozen children’s books as well as a previous volume of landscape photographs, THE HAMPTONS SUITE.